Are you suffering with anxiety? That’s a severe mental disorder that is found with a high rate across the globe. But if you move to treat Anxiety, generally two medications come under consideration; Valium and Xanax.


Generally, Valium and Xanax both share a common class of drugs – Benzodiazepines. Valium has diazepam whereas Xanax has alprazolam. These sedative drugs work by boosting the Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA)’ effects. That’s known to suppress the over-activity of nerves. Such overactive nerves lead to various mental health issues, especially Anxiety, panicity, and other neurological disorders.


But a question may arise in your mind, which one is better to treat anxiety, either Valium or Xanax..? Here, I’m going to sort out this mystery by unveiling some facts about them. So, let’s move on to determine which one will be better in Valium vs Xanax. But first make a comparison of both of them.


How do Valium and Xanax vary from each other?

Although Valium and Xanax both can treat mental illnesses. But some major differences between them may result in different outcomes.


  • Valium is referred to as its generic name – diazepam.
  • This drug is mainly recommended to treat anxiety, seizure, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and muscle tightness.
  • It has a fast onset action mode with an average time to peak concentration of one hour.
  • Its half-life is longer, normally considered as 20-50 hours that can be prolonged more due to an active metabolite.
  • It is available in tablets that are concentrated and unconcentrated, oral solution, intravenous solution, and rectal gel.
  • Its standard dosage is about 2 mg to 10 mg twice a day.


  • Xanax is referred to as its generic name – alprazolam.
  • This drug is mainly recommended to treat anxiety and panic.
  • It has an intermediate onset action mode ranging from 1-2 hours.
  • Its half-life is shorter, normally considered as 6-20 hours.
  • It is available in tablets that are immediate-release and extended-release, and in concentrated oral solution.
  • Its standard dosage is about 0.25 mg to 0.5 mg thrice a day.





Is Valium more effective than Xanax?

Thus, both of these drugs are FDA approved and have capability to cope with nervous disorders at their certain range. But Valium seems more effective than Xanax due to some reasons. You may ascertain to the given info;


Mental conditions Valium Xanax
Anxiety disorder
Panic disorder
Seizure disorder
Alcohol withdrawal symptoms
Status epilepticus
Muscle relaxation
Pre-procedural anxiety Off-label
Vertigo Off-label


Because both of these drugs are used to treat mental disorders. But if you make such a comparison between them. You may come to know that Valium has more efficacy than Xanax from various aspects to treat Anxiety.

Another main reason to choose Valium is its consideration as a rapid onset benzodiazepine than Xanax. This attribute makes Valium more recommended than others.


On the other hand, every medication or drug has some side effects. In the same way, some side effects are also related to these drugs as well. But do both have the same side effects, or one has more and the other has less? Let’s move to sort out this ambiguity in a tabular form.


  Valium Xanax
Side effects Applicable Frequency Applicable Frequency
Confusion Yes 1-10% Yes 10%
Drowsiness Yes 23% Yes 41%
Dizziness Yes 1-10% Yes 2%
Headache Yes 1-10% Yes 13%
Depression Yes 1-10% Yes 14%
Constipation Yes Undefined yet Yes 10%
Nausea Yes 1-10% Yes 10%
Lightheadedness Yes 1-10% Yes 21%
Blurred vision Yes Undefined yet Yes 6%
Hypotension Yes 1-10% Yes 5%


This table elaborates how much ratio of Valium can cause adverse effects and how much that of Xanax. So, it also helps you to make a decision to choose which drug is better to treat anxiety.

As far as mental disorders are concerned, you have not to take any sort of risk in this respect. Because minor negligence may cause a big issue. So, always choose the medication in the right direction.

Well! Another matter may also be under consideration when two mental disorders are under the same pitch; panic attacks and anxiety attacks. How are both of them different from each other? Now move to elaborate them extensively…

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