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what is royal honey vip used for – what is royal honey

Kingdom Royal Honey Vip (White Wings) The Ultimate Power Source (For Him) Update: 12/29/21: we are on our last 48 boxes of Kingdom royal honey white wings. We are currently trying to do everything we can to get more imported but until then, these are the last boxes we have. The product will be marked “out of stock” once sold out.

New Factory Sealed Full Box ( 12 sachets x 20g ) or half box (6 sachets x 20g)

BENEFITS OF ROYAL HONEY – -Improve and Restore/Increase Libido and Vitality* increase in size (length/girth) and experience a boost in performance. Provide boost in energy*, Antioxidant effects, Lowering blood sugar, Improve male stamina, Improve blood circulation, Reducing anxiety and stress,Increasing muscle strength and athletic performance, Improve physical and mental energy levels and concentration.

Ingredients: Honey, Tribulus Terrestris, Leledlum Peruvianum (Maca), Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali), Panax Ginseng.

Directions: Take one sachet (20g) every 2-3 days or as needed.

*It’s worth noting that We carry the Best of the Best Manufactured Kingdom Royal Honey Brands. Royal Honey from ”Quality focused manufactures” (using the best quality Honey, Royal Jelly & Herbs). There are about 4-6 different manufacturers for Kingdom Royal Honey. Visit our “FAQ/Contact Us” page to learn more or click on the link to learn more about Kingdom Royal Honey Authenticity.



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Full Box (12 sachets x 20g), Half Box (6 sachets x 20g) (-$55.00)


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