There are a many conditions under which a client might file and admit returns which include


In the case of cancellation of an order, this should be done within 3 hours of payment. As after that, the order will be
transferred to the shipping department and no refund will be issued.
No event
In case a client doesn’t admit the order within 21 days of payment processing, he/ she might request a refund. But we don’t
issue refunds in the following cases
Change of guests address
The client provides us with a wrong address
The order gets delivered at the correct address, but no bone there to claim the package.

Ineffective products

NoRX Drugstore is a estimable online drugstore that sells only the stylish products. As we give 100 guarantee of our drugs in
case, any client feels that the products entered by them are ineffective. They can request refund within the same day or the
coming day without taking too important time in informing us. In addition to this, we will only make a full refund in case the
drugs are undamaged. And in the same condition, it was delivered. In case the medicines aren’t in proper condition no refund
will be made.

For client information, the refund will be made to the same account from which the payment was entered.


Reshipment of the products can be requested in the following casesDelay – In case of detention in the delivery of the product, the guests are advised to inform the Client Service Director about
it through converse, correspondence or phone, and we will check the status on ourend.However, we will organize aredispatch incontinently, If the order can not be tracked.

Damaged products – Our shipping departments make sure that no damage to product occurs while packaging. But in case the
products get damaged during shipping or on the way we give our guests with free reshipping.
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